Dinosaur Plushie Loose Eye Shadow

Dinosaur Plushie Loose Eye Shadow

A flamboyant, eclectic dinosaur covered in glitter, perhaps. Name is unrelated to shade...as usual. Dinosaur Plushie is filled with multi-colored sparkle, some of which can change hue in different light. Transparent over most primers or applied dry (don't apply this dry unless you're going for that all-over disco queen look), but over sticky base, like our Pixie Epoxy, it is a gleaming pale metallic with many flashes of colours. Replaces our old shade Equality (and Mischief Makers), but Dino is much more sparkling and multi-dimensional.

Shown applied over Pixie Epoxy


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If you motor-boated a unicorn this is what you would get!
"Rainbow of sparkles everywhere. I go out of my way for excuses to wear this. The silver base is just a bonus. I like to go for the sheer disco ball look on lazy days. They arent kidding wearing this without epoxy (even over a sticky primer like UD primer potion) this is just a sheer rainbow of glitter, but I like it that way."
Jul 12 2013, 07:25 AM
by Karagen
Surprisingly wearable
"I can't usually wear very light colours as they make my dark eyes look beady but this is really pretty, I was surprised to find I wear this really frequently. It is very glittery but not too much as the glitter is tiny. I wear it over Pixie Epoxy on my eyelids with a darker colour in my crease line teamed with black eyeliner for a classic pin-up girl type look. I also use it just over foundation on my temples and over moisturiser on my shoulders for a fairy dust look when I go out."
Jan 26 2013, 04:34 AM
by Lauralei
Fantastic Sparkle
"Definitely one of my favourite Fyrinnae colours! They're definitely not kidding about it being multi-dimensional; the rainbow sparkles in the shadow really pop and draw attention to your eyes. Even applied dry it adds a nice pop of colourful sparkle, though obviously not as eye catching as when applied over Pixie Epoxy."
Jan 23 2013, 19:15 PM
by Alex
"This color had been very versatile in our make bag. It has been one of the few that looks good on everyone."
Jan 09 2013, 08:32 AM
by therhoda
Rainbow goodness
"This color is amazing! It's a light sliver with tons and tons of fine rainbow sparkles. It looks amazing when combined with Immortality! No fallout with pixie epoxy or applied dry. No offense to the over reviewer but if you got sparkles all over your face that's your own fault!"
Nov 11 2012, 01:23 AM
Holy crap!
"I got this as a free sample for one of my (many) orders. It literally looks like a disco ball on your face. As described, it's not very visible with a dry primer, but with pixie epoxy the color really pops. Plus I ended up with rainbow glitter all over my face :) the name is hilarious and adorable as well."
Apr 16 2012, 19:10 PM
by Megan Missfit