Polar Bear Loose Eye Shadow

Polar Bear Loose Eye Shadow

Pale gold, shimmery and soft (brilliant gold when the light hits it, but not yellow). Like the hue of a polar bear's fur in the summer.


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Perfect highlighter
"In the short time I've owned this, Polar Bear has rapidly become my default choice for a highlghter. Pale and subtle, but with enough color when wet or over PE to make it suitable for just about any purpose. It's utterly breathtaking in the light. Highly recommended for any skintone--I'm positive this will work for anyone."
Jul 05 2012, 17:04 PM
by Risa
"This eyeshadow is really really pretty. I am very pale-skinned and it adds a beautiful shimmer to my eyes when applied by itself, and when layered over Pixie Epoxy it has a soft gold metallic look. Love it!"
Mar 10 2010, 15:38 PM
by Danalynn
perfect gold for fair skin!
"I'm extremely fair skinned, pale as a moth some would say. I love golds and I've had a really hard time finding one that works with my skintone because a lot of them will turn coppery or bronzy or just plain garish yellow. But then I found Polar Bear! It's so beautiful, it's so easy to blend and to work with! It's simply amazing!"
Feb 20 2010, 18:52 PM
by Dina
Love it
"I giggled a bit when I saw the review below saying that she'd dip her whole body in this stuff, but try it and you'll understand why. Incredibly versatile shade of gold. Shiny and eye-catching without being tacky."
Jan 14 2010, 19:01 PM
by Robyn
"I received this as my free sample, and now it is one of my most used colours. It does look a golden brown in the jar, but applies to be a white gold with a sleight beige cast. Gorgeous and shiny when the light hits it."
Dec 16 2009, 22:42 PM
by Ellie
My favourite
"Simply gorgeous! The most stunning, reflective, high-shine white gold you can imagine....it's like wearing expensive jewellery, but in make-up form! I would dip my whole body in this if I could."
Oct 04 2009, 05:33 AM
by Nadia
Best Gold Highlighter
"Polar Bear is my favourite to use when I'm wearing greens or browns or darker golds. It's such a pretty light gold, and another one that I'm going to have to buy the full size of soon."
Aug 28 2009, 23:36 PM
by Mindy
"I received a sample of this shade with my recent order. I never would have bought it myself because I already have a bunch of golds, but when I gave the sample a try I fell in love. This shade is perfect for when you want something more understated than a regular gold. It looks great on my fair skin too. It's an everyday staple now and I plan to order more soon."
May 29 2009, 14:26 PM
by Ann
It's a little bit iffy
"When I first looked at Polar Bear in the jar, I got a little sad. It looks brown with really gold shimmers in it, which is actually really beautiful, but I thought I'd be getting a white gold color. It's not really "white" gold as it is a really pale beige gold. I really like it though. I still would have bought it if it looked that way in the picture, but it didn't. Do I like it? Yes. Will I wear it? Yes. It's just not as white as I had hoped."
Jan 10 2009, 12:48 PM
by Candace
Exactly What I needed
"This really is a white-gold. I use it every time I work. I apply it over a base so it covers my entire lid up to my eye brows. I then use Sake & Sashimi for contour. The contrast is amazing, and the colors go well together. The color looks great on its own as well. It goes on thickly, which saves me application time."
Dec 01 2008, 21:30 PM
by Otoki
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