About Us

(This page was written in 2008. One of these days we'll update it) Fyrinnae is NOT a "mineral makeup" company. We do create and carry bronzer, finishing powder, and highlighter that may be considered "mineral" but our other cosmetics were never intended to be pure "mineral" (then again, most other companies' products aren't either--always check ingredients if it's a concern!). Our colour depth, complexity of shades, and unique, innovative products are what sets us apart.

Fyrinnae is located in the northwest US, though our studio/warehouse and office are not open to the public. Everything is produced and packed in a smoke-free environment. We never have, and never will, discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or anything else!

We never test on animals (that would be silly. They don't wear makeup), and there are no animal parts, such as carmine, silk, pearl, lanolin, beeswax, and tallow in our products.

Our popular loose eye shadows: we do not take pre-made mica colourants and add our own label, or shake two or three colours together and deem it a new product. Our rich colours are formulated by us, some of them taking hours to get just right. With so many shades, we need to re-make large batches (not each colour per order as that would be absurd, but each shade is re-made at least twice a month, more often for the biggest sellers) of at least four colours every day, not to mention the other cosmetics, and then each "batch" is tested for both colour and composition. Rest assured that we work every single day so that orders are out the door as soon as possible. We never take holidays! We stay from morning to late night most days to ensure as many purchases as possible are shipped the next morning.